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Tenant Questions

What is a Routine Inspection?

A Routine Inspection is normally carried out 6 weeks after the Lease has begun, and thereafter quarterly. This is to ensure that the property is being maintained to an acceptable standard and to check on any maintenance that may be required. The tenant will be given prior notice of a scheduled inspection.

Will my rent go up?

The rent remains the same throughout the duration of a Lease, unless a Rent Review clause has been written into the Lease. If the Lease is not for a fixed term, the Owner must give 60 days notice that the rent is to be increased.

What is the Bond for?

The Bond is paid to secure the Tenant’s compliance with the Lease and as security to compensate the owner for any breach or default by the Tenant in respect of the Lease.

What do I have to do when I vacate the property?

Once written notice is received that a tenant intends to vacate a property, a letter will be sent to the tenant outlining the procedure to be followed. If the tenant wrongfully terminates the Lease before the end of the tenancy, then the owner may claim and the Tenant must pay damages losses and compensation to the Owner.

What is the Database check?

Within Australia there are two databases used by Real Estate Agents to lodge and check bad tenants. These are Tenants Reference Australia (TRA) and TICA. Database checks are conducted on all tenants applying for a property through First National Real Estate.

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